What to do if you witness an antisemitic incident online or in real life

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What can individuals and communities do to stop antisemitism and ensure a safe environment for Jewish people?

As a first step, learn more about what antisemitism is and what consitutes an antisemitic incident or hate crime (link to pt2)

In case you have experienced or witnessed an antisemitic act, you can

  • Report it to a local civil agency i.e. using APL’s reporting form
  • Inform local law enforcement authorities about the incident. If this is an emergency, call the police immediately
  • Document the incident and preserve any evidence (i.e. photo, message, voicemail, screenshot) that you can attach to your report

If you have read something hateful or discriminatory online, you can

  • Record all the important information about the incident, like web address, data about the person who posted i.e. username, real name; date of the upload; etc.
  • Make screenshots or download photos if applicable
  • Ask the moderator / page administrator to immediately remove the post/message
  • Report the message/post to the social media company. Social media companies are committed to removing messages in which people are attacked on the basis of their race, religion or ethnicity. However, this does not happen automatically, it is therefore important for you to report hateful or discriminatory messages. Based on your report, social media companies can decide to take messages offline or even block an account temporarily or permanently.
  • Report the incident to APL

APL is always here to provide help to victims or witnesses of antisemitic incidents. We can help investigate if it is a case of incitement, hate or violence, and if the statements are punishable by law, APL might take further steps. APL can put you in contact with reporting centers in your country, provide support in drafting statements, and direct you to victim support.