Woman breaks into Houston synagogue and vandalises religious objects

A woman in Houston, Texas, is being prosecuted for breaking into a synagogue and vandalising religious objects.

Ezra Law, a citizen of Houston, Texas, is being prosecuted for allegedly repeatedly breaking into a synagogue and vandalising religious objects inside. She first appeared at the Congregation Emanu El temple in Houston on January 14, where she was seen by a rabbi who was arriving to prepare for a bar mitzvah ceremony, reports The Jerusalem Post.

According to Assistant Harris County District Attorney, Law had allegedly vandalised the synagogue and particular religious objects.

“There were several religious items that had been removed from their place. Some were damaged, and there was red wine that had been consumed and also spilt. Most importantly, a Torah scroll was removed from the Holy Arc and spread out on the floor. And red wine was spilled on that scroll.”

Law was soon arrested; however, instead of showing up to court for her arraignment on Friday, she returned to the congregation, where she allegedly screamed and shouted at preschool children. She left before officials could arrive.

Law currently faces a charge of felony criminal mischief inside a place of worship. Prosecutors are currently determining whether her actions are a hate crime and are evaluating her mental state before determining a jail sentence.