World’s leading climate movement is posting anti-Zionist messages on Twitter

Greta Thunberg’s international climate movement organisation has recently published anti-Zionist messages on Twitter.

Fridays For Future, the international organisation founded by the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, has once again published anti-Israel messages in solidarity with the Palestinian National Liberation Movement on Twitter. As reported in the German newspaper, Welt, the anti-Zionist messages included „Viva Palestine libre!” and has again accused Israel of „neo-colonialism” and „apartheid.” The move comes amid a growing number of Palestinian terror attacks and stabbings in Israel.

According to the FFF, the Jewish state has recently been attacking Palestinians with increasing frequency. „As an international anti-colonial movement for climate justice, we stand in solidarity with Palestinian liberation,” says the statement.

The German section of the FFF has once again shown that it does not share the centre’s views on Israel, telling Welt that it distances itself from all forms of antisemitism, and that FFF Germany „only deals with climate issues, not with foreign policy issues that are not related to the environment and climate.” However, according to the Central Council of Jews in Germany, this dissociation is not enough.

„This is not the first time that the FFF has drawn attention to itself with antisemitism, misused terms and misinterpreted contexts,” claims Council President Josef Schuster, asserting that clearer dissociation is needed. Schuster expects the organisation to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Association’s (IHRA) definition of antisemitism so that all members and affiliated groups adhere to this definition.

The FFF has a history of anti-Israel bias; In September, FFF invited Palestine Speaks, a group that supports the antisemitic BDS campaign, to a demonstration in Bremen. In August this year, FFF accused Israel of „apartheid” and „ethnic cleansing” and published a fake news story about a house demolition. Before that, in May, Greta Thunberg herself took a stand against Israel in the Gaza conflict.