Yet again laser-projected racist messages in Amsterdam

A new video shared on Telegram depicts laser-projected antisemitic and racist messages on the side of a building in the Netherlands.

A new video was shared in Telegram groups showing yet another incident of laser-projected racist and antisemitic messages on the side of a building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The latest incident happened in mid-February, reports the NL Times.

The message „Love And Make White Babies” appeared in English on the Hemweg power station in Amsterdam’s Westelijke Havengebied district. The phrase „RIP Dresden” was also projected on the building. February 14, when the incident occurred, marked the 78th anniversary of the Allied bombing campaign of Dresden, Germany. About 1,300 bombers from the United States Air Force and the British Royal Air Force dropped thousands of bombs and explosives on the city, levelling over six square kilometres of the Dresden city centre and killing as many as 25,000 people in four separate raids from February 13-15, 1945.

While the operator of the power plant, Vattenfall, would not confirm the incident, a spokesperson for the Swedish energy company said it „emphatically distances itself from this disfigured message that is linked online to our (decommissioned) power station,” adding that „We have informed the police about this and will make additional checks ourselves so this does not happen again. If it was projected, it looks like it was done from the highway, so from a place outside our terrain.”

This is at least the third incident in the Netherlands involving laser-projected extremist messages, the latest being projected onto the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam. Earlier this year, another antisemitic message was projected onto the Erasmus Bridge from a boat.


Photo credit: The NL Times