Young Hungarian man harasses strangers with Nazi content

A young Hungarian man is harassing strangers with Nazi content on Facebook, claiming that turning towards Nazism liberated him.

A young Hungarian man, who calls himself Bendi, is harassing strangers on Facebook with a photo of himself performing the Nazi salute, along with pictures of Hitler, reports the Metropol.

The incident was reported by one of the recipients, who published a screenshot of the conversation, claiming that it was shocking, especially since after he asked the harasser why is this good for him, he made an implied threat: „Just don’t get your throat cut or set on fire.”

The harasser writes: „I cut my hair to a nice undercut style… I’m a Nazi! A guy whose name I won’t tell you gave me the seeds of national socialism.”

The Nazi stalker justified his claim to be a Hitler supporter by saying that he had been through hell before, but Hitler liberated him. He reiterated that he means everything he wrote seriously: „I wasn’t joking at the beginning! I had problems fitting in, but I chose this.”

In the conversation, the Nazi harasser listed the people he hates: „everyone and everything.”

Photo credit: Facebbok/via Metropol