Deutsche Welle is dismissing five employees

In recent months, the international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has been involved in a number of antisemitic scandals, one including the misconduct of its employees in the Arabic editorial team. DW is taking action, suspending five of its employees following a thorough external investigation.

In December, we reported that antisemitic and anti-Israeli statements were made by several employees of the German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. According to the allegations, members of the Arabic editorial team and international freelancers of the station had posted antisemitic and anti-Israel statements online that were later deleted. The broadcaster responded promptly and immediately commissioned an independent external investigation to deal with the statements cited in the article, examining the private social media profiles of the suspected employees.

The results of the external investigation were presented on Monday, February 7, by ex-federal justice minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger and psychologist Ahmad Mansour. They emphasised that it was a case of isolated misconduct, and no proof has been found of structural antisemitism in the Arabic editorial team of the broadcaster. According to DW director Petter Limbourg, the company has initiated the suspension proceedings in five cases. Although he hasn’t released information about the employees, they had already been removed from their posts in December.

Another case of anti-Israeli and antisemitic misconduct concerned the Jordanian broadcaster Roya TV, with which the DW ended its cooperation with immediate effect in December.