Man verbally abuses Jewish woman on British public transport

A man on a London city bus shouted antisemitic slurs at a Jewish woman and her toddler.

A man was caught on camera shouting antisemitic comments at a Jewish woman and her small child on a London city bus, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Shomrim London, a London-based crime prevention and safety group, tweeted about the incident; a „deranged male” screaming at a three-year-old child. The child was wearing a kippah and had a payot. The mother was only recorded verbally, asking the bus driver to open the door. According to the report, the driver did not respond or intervene.

In recent months, a series of antisemitic assaults happened in North Stamford Hill, London, where in one instance, a man on a bicycle ambushed a man, punched him and knocked off his kippah.


Photo credit: It’s No Game