Person who projected antisemitic laser text on Anne Frank House arrested

Polish police have arrested a Canadian national suspected of projecting the antisemitic laser text on the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

The Polish police arrested a 41-year-old Canadian man suspected of orchestrating the February antisemitic laser projection on the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The man is thought to be Robert Wilson, a white supremacist and a member of the antisemitic Goyim Defense League in the United States, reports the Dutch News.

The arrest happened on Tuesday morning as a result of close cooperation between the Polish authorities and the police. A delegation of the Dutch police was also present at Wilson’s arrest.

Following the antisemitic projection on the Anne Frank house, Wilson shortly left for Poland. The projection ‘Anne Frank, inventor of the ballpoint pen’ referred to a long-debunked theory that Anne Frank could not have written her diary because it contained notes written with a ballpoint pen. The notes were actually made by a researcher.

A video of the text was shared on the extreme right-wing Telegram channel the Lazer Bunker, which quickly led to Wilson, who left San Diego after jumping bail following his arrest for assaulting his neighbour and making homophobic comments, and had fled to Amsterdam.

‘We thank the police for finding and arresting the suspect, and justice will take its course,’ Ronald Leopold, director of the Anne Frank Foundation, told the Parool. ‘Anne Frank’s diary is one of the most important testimonies to the persecution of the Jews during World War II. The projection is an attack on the veracity of the diary and a hate crime,’ Leopold added.

The Polish justice department will decide whether or not to extradite Wilson to the Netherlands at a later date.


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