The European Jewish Association (EJA) holds its annual conference in Budapest

In the spirit of freedom, the annual conference of the European Jewish Association (EJA) will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 20-21 June 2021. The two-day conference will address the challenges of restrictions on kosher slaughter and circumcision and the growing political division.

“We have much to discuss, much to do. Growing antisemitism in Europe is receiving widespread political and media attention, which is great, but a quieter, less visible threat is also growing on the continent. It is as dangerous as antisemitism, and it attacks Jews, our faith directly: kosher cutting and circumcision. Restrictions or bans on these religious customs have in many cases been postponed and prevented by the EJA, but the list of countries planning to legislate bans on the two pillars of our faith is growing. It is time to come together as one and say no to these regulations.”- writes Rabbi Menachem Margolin in his invitation letter. The EJA president says it is clear that if Jews cannot live as Jews in Europe, then the continent is no longer fit for Jewish life.

The rabbi also drew attention to another important challenge: how Jewish community leaders can navigate the complex political environment and advance their goals and mission in an era of growing political division and the politicisation of the Shoah. The two-day meeting aims to show the unity needed to successfully face these challenges.

The conference will also present the results of an EU barometer on the relationship between religious freedom and thriving Jewish communities in European countries.