Thierry Baudet found guilty of ‘creating a breeding ground for antisemitism’

Dutch MP Thierry Baudet was ordered by court to remove offensive social media posts.

As we reported earlier, founder and leader of the Dutch far-right Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy), Thierry Baudet was brought to court by Dutch Jewish organisations for repeatedly making public comparisons between Covid-19 measures. He compared the unvaccinated to Holocaust victims because of the government’s COVID-19 restrictions, which limit the access to some places for the unvaccinated.

Thierry Baudet’s case was heard on December 15, and according to the court ruling, he was found guilty of “creating a breeding ground for antisemitism,” for publishing several social media posts that compared governmental coronavirus measures to the Holocaust.

“The comparison is flawed and you have spoken unnecessarily offensively and unlawfully of survivors of the Holocaust,” the court ruled.

Baudet was ordered to delete four offensive posts within 48 hours or be fined a daily €25,000 provided the contents remain online. The politician was also banned from posting any images that link the Holocaust to the coronavirus.

According to Baudet’s lawyer, his posts were not intended to hurt or insult people, or to incite hatred. He described the politician’s words as an “expression of a politician in a public debate about the curtailment of the freedoms of the unvaccinated.”

Baudet will file an appeal against the court’s decision.