UK pizzeria bans Zionists

A pizzeria in Northern England posted on Instagram that „Z1on1sts not welcome.” They are also asking for recommendations for toppings for an „anti-Zionist pizza.”

Ecco Pizzeria, in the suburbs of Leeds, shared a social media post in which it stated that Zionists were not welcome there, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Another post said, „Our leaders and millions of others whose hearts are now perfectly possessed by Satan appear to be unaffected by the most graphic images imaginable if the ethnicity and religion is [sic] right. Having said that, someone has suggested creating a [sic] Anti-Z1ion1st pizza. We would appreciate your suggestions for pizza toppings.”

Leeds has the third-largest Jewish population in the UK, and thousands of Jews from other regions study in the city.

Tensions have risen throughout the UK since the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7. The London Metropolitan Police made at least 11 arrests in the city when a pro-Palestinian demonstration turned violent.


Photo credit: Ecco Pizzeria Instagram account