UK TikTok influencer arrested for harassing Jews

A UK TikTok influencer going by the name of „Mizzy,” who posted videos of himself harassing Jews, has been arrested.

A TikToker in the United Kingdom has been arrested for posting videos in which he harasses Jews, reports The Jerusalem Post.

According to the report of The Jewish Chronicle, Bacari Ogarro, who goes by the name „Mizzy „on social media, posted a video which captures him sneaking up behind an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, putting his hands on his shoulders and trying to jump over him. In another video, Ogarro walks into the home of a Jewish family, as their front door was accidentally left open.

This is not the first time Ogarro has posted controversial videos. Earlier this year, the influencer posted an antisemitic video in which he is wearing a traditional Hasidic hat, saying, „I’m a f***ing Jew.”

According to The Jewish Chronicle, Ogarro denied that he is an antisemite, claiming that he is not discriminating, just making pranks with everyone in the neighbourhood, regardless of who they are.

In a video posted to YouTube, Ogarro claims he was held by police for 36 hours „for a TikTok.” „I don’t discriminate… a lot of videos just in my area f**king around with people. Jewish people, black people, white people.” He went on to claim that two police officers chased him into his house and handcuffed him. He was arrested for racially aggravated assault, he said, but after 12 hours in custody, he was told he was being charged with criminal damage but not a hate crime.


Photo credit: The Jewish Chronicle